Dansko Wide Pro Wooden Sole Clogs

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Who says wide fit shoes can’t be stylish? The Dansko Wide Pro Wooden Sole Clogs offer the benefit of style without the exclusion of comfort. These flagship classic closed-back wooden sole clogs offer style, comfort, support and most importantly, fit the needs of those with a wider foot.

They feature a roomy, reinforced toe box for extra wiggle room, an anatomically contoured footbed for stability and support, a slightly raised heel for improved posture and circulation, a padded instep collar for added support, and an anti-fatigue rocker bottom for enhanced movement to add hours of comfortable support throughout your day.

High quality leather upper which follows the natural contours of the foot plus box leather which is ideal for workplace environments with wet, acidic or greasy conditions makes these wooden sole clogs a great choice for energetic professionals, chefs, and anyone who spends long hours on their feet.