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What pulls your outfit together? Your footwear, of course! It makes a statement. But when it comes to shopping for women’s dress clogs, some of us may be skeptical about the options. And that’s why shopping for your perfect women’s dress clogs is very important.

Women's Dress Clogs

If you want to avoid having a selection of dress clogs that you don’t even wear or if you’re wondering what’s going to look great no matter the occasion, read on. We discuss five ridiculously useful tips when shopping for women’s dress clogs.

5 Ridiculously Useful Tips When Shopping For Women’s Dress Clogs

With a little know-how and some courage, you too can find your perfect women’s dress clogs. Make sure you read all these ridiculously useful tips carefully. They’ll not only come in handy, they’ll save you both time and money too!

1. First, Be Sure to Know Your Feet So You Can Determine the Best Dress Clogs For You

Obviously, no one knows your feet better than you do. Before you can determine the best women’s dress clogs for you, it’s a good idea to understand what you need. First, make a list of the type of dress clogs that hurt your feet and those that don’t. Remember, just because your eyes love a pair of dress clogs doesn’t mean your feet will love them too!

Next, either check one of your current dress clogs for your shoe size or, for more accuracy, measure your feet properly to ensure a proper fitting. Refer to this online guide on how to measure your feet to determine the size you should be wearing. And keep in mind that it’s common to have one foot slightly longer than the other. It’s always a good rule of thumb to buy the size of your longest foot.

Also, if you’re shopping for women’s dress clogs from a different country, remember that they may use different measurement standards. Be sure to use their online tools to purchase the correct shoe size.

Women's Dress Clogs

In addition to handling patients, bodily fluids, contaminants, and spills can all lead to slips and falls. And that hard hospital floor is quite unforgiving.  Eliminate this problem by choosing nursing clogs with slip-resistant soles which will help to keep you safe and on your feet during your shift.

2. Comfort is Key! Know Which Dress Clogs You Want And Why

Ideally, the dress clogs you buy should be for a specific purpose. But comfort should be high on the list. The most comfortable women’s dress clogs are ones that fit correctly. And depending on the size, width and structure of the clogs, different clogs for women will fit differently.

Ask yourself the following questions when shopping for dress clogs:

  • Why am I shopping for women’s dress clogs?
  • What pair of clogs do I really need or want?
  • Are they for a specific occasion or for everyday wear?
  • What clog style am I looking for?
  • And finally, what’s my budget?

When shopping for a pair of women’s clogs, make sure they fit correctly. Features to keep in mind include sides that are neither too tight or too loose, a comfortable fit at the ball of your foot, and no slipping of your feet while walking. Ill-fitting clogs can cause foot pain and other health problems, so it’s worth your time to ensure your dress clogs fit appropriately.

If you require wide-fit women’s dress clogs, the Dansko Wide Pro Wooden Sole Clogs are an excellent option. These closed-back wooden sole clogs with a low heel, an anatomically contoured footbed for stability and support, and a wider toe box make them one of the most comfortable clogs you’ll ever wear. And, the high quality leather upper keeps them “dress”-appropriate and stylish.

3. Women’s Dress Clogs For Any Weather

Most of us prefer to wear our dress clogs all year-round, so you need to know that they can handle different types of weather. Women’s dress clogs should be durable and able to hold their own no matter if it’s hot or cold outside. You can find comfortable dress shoes that are stylish as well.

A pair of Sandgren’s Manhattan High Heel Clog Boots strikes the right balance of durability and comfort for any season. The soft rubber sole offers incredible comfort and support, while the classic style makes sure both your everyday staples and fashion-forward looks are pulled together.

4. Do the Best Dress Clogs Have A Heel?

Whether or not you opt for a heel depends on your preference and what the occasion or dress code is. In general, however, we recommend wearing a lower heel as high heel clogs can cause foot pain and other health problems.

High heel clogs with a heel height of over 2 inches can affect your whole body, from your back to your knees and feet. Your body isn’t meant to walk long distances in them and they’re not comfortable enough to wear day in and day out. They also don’t offer the support you need to make it through a long day. However, sometimes flats just don’t cut it.

Lower heel clogs with an average heel height of about an inch usually suffice, allowing you to select a pair of women’s dress clogs that are comfortable while still looking the part.

The Sandgren’s Tokyo Low Heel Wooden Clog makes a great dress clog for women with a 1-3/4 inch heel height and an arch strap to provide additional support while walking. All-day comfort meets style and function in this pair of women’s dress clogs that you can wear every day for years to come.

5. Always Check Customer Reviews When Shopping For Women’s Dress Clogs

It’s good practice to always check customer reviews, whether you’re shopping for dress clogs online or at your favorite department store. Reviews give great feedback and a level of honesty that you can’t get otherwise!

Whenever you’re buying shoes or clogs, whether online or at a store, first read through the reviews so you can have an idea of what issues you may face or what limitations the clogs have. You don’t want to buy super cute dress clogs, get them home only to realize that they’re uncomfortable or they run small or narrow.

Additionally, by reading reviews you can get valuable information regarding their comfort level. Say the clogs you’re buying are for work and you do a lot of walking throughout the day. Or they’re for a special occasion that will require you to be on your feet a lot. Will they hurt the balls of your feet by day’s end or do they work better for someone who mostly drives around to get places or who will be doing more sitting than standing? This is valuable information to have before you buy the clogs.

Be Sure to Follow These Awesome Guidelines Too:

It’s a good idea to follow these awesome tips too, or to consider them at the very least.

  • A good pair of women’s dress clogs should offer all-day comfort and support, preferably with an anatomically contoured footbed, a slightly raised heel, and a padded instep collar. They also shouldn’t pinch or push your toes together.
  • Make sure the toe box is roomy enough room so it doesn’t squeeze your toes. Ideally, there should be enough room so you can move your toes comfortably—with some wiggle room. Open-toe dress clogs such as Sandgren’s Morocco Clog Sandal are preferable in the summer while round-toe clogs like Lotta From Stockholm Highwood Clogs work well in the winter months.
High Heel Clog Sandal
Sandgren’s Morocco Clog Sandal
Clog Heels
Lotta From Stockholm Highwood Clogs
  • Always opt for quality craftsmanship plus a high quality leather upper which follows the natural contours of your foot. If this means paying a little extra for quality, then go for it! In the long run, there’s a higher cost associated with wearing cheaper clogs.
  • Remember to walk around at home in your new dress clogs, preferably not on carpet, for at least 2-3 hours. If you start to experience any pain in that time frame, return them!
  • Keep your clog height at a 2-inch maximum. Clogs with a heel over 2 inches are classified by the APMA as high heel clogs. Walking long distances in a heel height over 2 inches can affect your whole body, from your back to your knees and feet. And that’s why podiatrists don’t recommend going beyond a 2- to 3-inch heel. So, if you want to avoid a lifetime of foot pain and other problems, you’ll heed this advice!
  • Try considering a stylish pair of low heel clogs instead. The chic MIA Anja Low Platform Clog Sandal or the Sandgren’s New York Low Heel Clog Boots are great options and much more comfortable.
Low Platform Clog Sandal
MIA Anja Low Platform Clog Sandal
Low Heel Clog Boots
Sandgren’s New York Low Heel Clog Boots

Now that you’re armed with these ridiculously useful tips and tricks, you’re ready to go out and shop for your favorite women’s dress clogs! Finding the perfect pair of dress clogs can be a little tricky but with a little know-how, you too can find a pair that you’ll not only wear and be comfortable, it’ll also look great no matter the occasion.

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