Sandgren’s Brett High-Heel Wooden Clog

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Ideal for everyday wear, whether business or casual, Sandgren’s Brett High-Heel Wooden Clog has a sleek and modern design. With an open-side cut, closed-toe and closed-back aesthetic, this unique style renews the traditional clog shape and is sure to make a statement!

Alongside its visual appeal, the Brett Clog offers 2 options in stain color. And both the dark brown and light stain colors, paired with the lacquered finish of its natural wooden base, turn up the drama on this sleek design.

It features premium leather that seemingly molds to your feet and a comfortable, easy-to-wear fit. Finishing the look, it has a soft, rubber sole ensuring a comfortable, supportive fit that will soon become your go-to pair.

What makes the Brett High-Heel Wooden Clog even more distinctive is that it’s handmade with natural materials and ensures no two clogs are exactly alike.